So, a little about me?  How little?

To start with, I like to think I’m funny.  Not comedian funny, however.  I worked in a comedy club for two years, so I know what “professional funny” is supposed to be, and I know I’m not it.  But we can’t all be professional all the time, can we?

I’m currently pushing hard to get my Associates in Small Business Administration at the Western campus of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C).  I’m also the editor for the student newspaper, The Voice (www.cccvoice.com) on campus.  [“Four campuses, one Voice” is the tagline… reality is always so much more different than the plan.]

I work part time, I go to school full time, I’m a step father of two teenagers, I write (both freelance and for the paper), and I’m a woodworker.  In addition, my hobbies are blacksmithing, leatherworking, model making (I keep it simple – I don’t kitbash or make from scratch), writing, role playing games, music, movies, reading, and writing.  Yeah, I’m a boring guy.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook (playing games more than anything else), MySpace (yes, I admit to having an account there), WoodTalkOnline, Matt’sBasementWorkshop, Highland Woodworking, LumberJocks, WeekendWarrior Woodworking, and somewhere on campus.  If I’m not in any of those locations, I’m either sleeping or driving somewhere to get to those locations…

I’d call my skill set beginner for most of the interests.  I’ve met some masters, I’ve met some talented folks, and while my projects aren’t great (yet), I’m working on getting them there.  In the meantime, I hope some of the tips, tricks, and tidbits I find and post can help you out in whatever career path you decide to follow.


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