Some shameless self-promotion

For those who didn’t already know it, I’ve got a couple of sites out there already, other than this page.  If you are interested in finding out more about me, or supporting what I have already done, please feel free to click the following links.


I run a store on CafePress <> with some custom (and some customizable) designs on items ranging from bookbags to boxers, T-shirts to Thermos(R) canisters, and a wide variety in between.


In addition to the writing I do for my school newspaper, I am a freelance writer.  Most of the published works appear in the Yahoo! Voices page I have set up <> , although this is not all of them.  Yes, I do get revenue from this, which I believe every writer hopes and dreams for, but it is not the pathway to instant fortune.  Yet.


Lastly, as I’m running out of time, you can find more of the writing I, and other students, create for the school newspaper, The Voice, (  Feel free to register and leave a comment.


So, thank you for your patience, I hope you explore the site(s) periodically, and I appreciate all of your efforts to support all those who do daily.


Share your tips or thought, or both:

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