Commencing the Transition.

I’ve been giving it some thought lately, and there’s a lot of stuff out there for woodworking already. Not that there isn’t room for more, but how does one cover something in a new and creative fashion when someone is at the beginning of a woodworking career rather than later? I do not have the confidence in my woodworking skills at the moment to “compete” with others – not that this is a competition in any sense of the word. But I do not feel like I have that much to be able to offer, which is the bigger picture.

End view of the assembled Five Minute College Table
End view of the assembled Five Minute College Table

It’s one thing to say I could build a seat, and another to say I could build the next Maloof rocker. (And yet another to say that to Sam Maloof directly.) Rather than try to compete in the “big pond” with other talented woodworkers, I’d rather make a niche for myself that I can exploit and/or define myself in. (And incidentally make a name and market for myself, following that oldest of business concepts: defining the market and making a space for the brand.)

OSB test 2 039There’s a couple of projects coming up for the Five Minute Woodworker, and a couple of videos coming, too. I do have a YouTube channel already set up, but there’s no content for it at the moment. That will change soon, as this week marks that transition between thought and deed…. For this is the week of graduation and commencement. (And many graduates know that trepidation that comes with marking the end of the safe, known academic career and having to work in the real world with pass/fail options instead of graduated grades, and financial demands that cannot simply be passed off with “I’ll see Financial Aid next week about it.”)

I’ll leave you with this concept, then. There’s a few projects coming up in the planning that don’t take a lot of resources to build, but will take some money. (where those get sold afterwards, or used afterwards, that’s a different concept. I’ll let you know when that happens.)


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