From thought to deed

The process most people go through in getting a project completed usually involves several steps.  At the beginning of the process is the germination.  At the end is the satisfaction.  Along the way are several interim steps of verification, completion, and continuation.  We all need help from time to time, and a gentle reminder that these steps are not a “one and done” step but a continuous validation of what we hope to accomplish. Throughout the entire project, we subject it to an evaluation.  Does it meet the design? Does it make the client happy? Does it make us, the maker, happy? Is it cheap enough?  Is it expensive enough? Is it the right size, shape, color, texture, or a hundred other variables?  Is it something we can make or do we need to buy any or all of it? As makers, our satisfaction with a project instantly changes once the evaluation of any of these steps becomes a “no.”  That is the point when it becomes work, rather than something we enjoy.  I’ve mentioned before about doing something you love for a job; one of the other secrets is to decrease the frequency of evaluation. In the germination phase, try to list the design criteria.  Just remember to not treat these criteria as a checklist.  Sometimes, features need to be cut out for one reason or another.


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