Bare Faced Facts

This year, I was rather quiet about it.  But once again, I was participating in NoShave November. Rather than hype it like I did the year before, I figured I would see what happens if I just quietly went about doing the normal.  You know, not shaving.

NoShave November 2015. In process
NoShave November 2015. In process

Aside from a little irritation early on, there wasn’t really that much problem.  Of course, since there wasn’t really that much noise about it, that means the money raised is going to be a little on the light side.  What I also was doing, and didn’t tell anybody about, was donating all the proceeds from my CafePress store to the fund drive.

Yes, I have a CafePress storefront.  Currently, it’s only open on the CafePress site, but you can get to it from anywhere in the internet.  I would like to be able to link to Amazon and promote the store front there, but (in the interest of transparency) that requires monthly fees and purchasing clicks for products.  (Meaning I have to pay to promote a certain click-through rate for Amazon to drive traffic to a particular product.  If I don’t have enough clicks to use my purchased amount -as I understand it – I get those extras rolled over for the next month.)  Currently, there is not enough sales on the site to justify paying for Amazon exposure… yet.  I do see a day soon when that may change.


But I bring this up because I was not promoting a single item from the store front to purchase, but rather all proceeds I earned would be donated.  It’s a simple thing for me, as the site records all the transactions in a month, and tells me how much that should be.  I was expecting a couple of bucks to add to the $30 for donations.  (Remember, I try to raise a dollar for every day I don’t shave.  30 days means 30 dollars.)  Imagine my surprise when I almost double that donation amount.  All without really making any announcements about it.

Now, if I can double my money without trying, what can we do if we all try together?

As an additional factor, I am planning now for next year’s campaign.  (I know, this year is barely over, and I’m already working on the next?)  I got this idea from attending conventions.  The convention is already over, and people are starting to work on plans to attend next year’s convention, but the convention site hasn’t updated to provide any information.  There’s a period of time when that’s acceptable, but at least an information section on dates and potentials would help.  Teasers, as the phrase goes.  So, I’m teasing that there’s something in the works for next year.

Sometimes, the poet comes out when you least expect it.
Sometimes, the poet comes out when you least expect it.

I will be doing the donated proceeds bit again next year.  But instead of one particular shop, there will be one particular design.  (If I get it done in time, there may be several designs or products.  Due to the way CafePress operates, a design can be applied to several products simultaneously.)  So the plan is to offer a 2016 NoShave November product at $30 to allow for others to donate to the cause, and receive some commemorative products from the deal.  Yes, this might mean that you may pay more than the product is worth – but all the proceeds are going to go to charity.  (This also means I need to look into 503(c) charity rules and registrations… so there’s another teaser for you.)

In the meantime, I want to thank everybody for helping and supporting.  The funds raised this year total $51.68, and I will be sending the check to the Prostate Cancer Foundation in the next week.  There are more people that have to cope with Prostate Cancer than just those who have it; please keep them in mind when you see someone promoting awareness.


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