To quote Monty Python… “I feel happy”

Yes, there has been a lack of posts this year. This is in large part because, while I planned for a lot of projects, I also planned on something that I wasn’t certain how to hoard.

No, not wood. I’m speaking of finances here. While it’s not a visible part of any hobby, project, or activity we do, there is another old quote that comes back to mind. “Money makes the world go ’round.”

I’m not complaining. If anything, this should be a part of everybody’s planning stage. Funds make everything happen, be that tool purchases, raw materials purchases, or cameras and video editing capabilities. (Yes, some programs come for free on various platforms. Sometimes, though, what you want cannot be done via the free programs.)

Doing this list of projects I had generated assumed the money would somehow be there, just when it was needed. Having completed a degree program recently, including creating a business plan that covered finances – in excruciating detail – you would think that I would remember this crucial step.

Even the best plans meet hiccups... Needs to be smaller just a little bit.
Even the best plans meet hiccups… Needs to be smaller just a little bit.

So, a quick 5 minute tip for you out there: remember to check your plans for completeness before you post them… Run through a checklist if you need to. Use Post It (TM) notes, plywood blockers to the “submit” buttons, guard dogs, or mnemonics. Whatever works. Just … remember to finish the plan before you publish it.

To get back to the Monty Python quote, I am not dead. I have been heavily involved in a side project on Reddit, indulging in another hobby. I have also been looking for work. Because work generates the money that I can pour back into these projects.

And having an outdoor shop, in the midst of all this wacky weather, provides its own challenges. Fortunately, I have acquired some (more) plywood, and while it’s a little large for the piggy bank project, that is on schedule to be produced and released for July. Maybe this means it will be just a seven month hiatus for these projects…

But I wanted to take 5 minutes to reassure you this is not dead, just delayed. And when it comes to woodworking, things can get complicated quickly. Not just expensive, because all these little bits come together from other steps. Managing all that requires detail, and a detailed plan.

Please. Double check your plans before starting.


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