In the home stretch

Once again, the holidays are rapidly approaching.  Every year, we rearrange the furniture at this time.  Not because we need to accommodate a tree, although that is part of it.  The biggest reason is that we change something in our lives.

Season of  change
Season of change

Sometimes, that change is minor. Moving a chair from one side of the sofa to the other, for example. Sometimes, it is major. For example, last year we moved some things to accomodate a new member.

Derpie, the world.  The world, Derpie
Derpie, the world. The world, Derpie

This year, we are planning another change … and anothet upheaval. In less than a month, my education shall have reached its targeted end: graduation.

Yeah, it's been a tough week.
Yeah, it’s been a tough week.

So I am in the midst of not just holiday prep, but three separate large projects that are due Sunday. Yes, this Sunday. Each of these hold a key to my interests, each holds a portion of my capabilities, and each could unlock a future I had not dreamed of three years ago.

Through this period of growth and learning, i have discovered that I am not the same person who started these entries. I have expanded my horizons, I have increased my footing, and I have grown. So noe I need to rearrange a few things in my life besides furniture.

I am not abandoning this site. Rather, i am planning a few changes. Most notably, you will see more projects. (Like that still-unfinished Minecraft Piggy Bank). The point is, I have some available time coming, and will be dedicating part of it to you, the readers. So, if you have a few suggestions, let me knoe! I am also plannong a few collaborations, a few road trips, and a couple other surprises as they come up.

Look! A mystery!
Look! A mystery!

So stay tuned, and stay happy. Because change must come to is all. It is how we cope with change that determines our greatness. With this, I would like to end with a quote from one of the bigger philosophers, Aristotle: “Nature does nothing uselessly.”


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