No Shave November once again

Well, it is now 12 days into the month of November.  Once more, I am participating in “No Shave” November.  And yes, I feel itchy and fuzzy all over.

There are a lot of different things a person could do to participate in this month of awareness towards men’s health problems.  We don’t have to make it strictly about Prostate Cancer, although that is what I have chosen.  But it is important that we care.

I don’t just grow out my fur because I’m feeling lazy.  Trust me, when you start growing fur where you usually snick it off, everything gets uncomfortable.  And I know men aren’t the only gender to feel this.  But I wear this fur with pride during November.  Because I want to bring awareness back to issues men might choose to ignore.

I’m not going to point fingers at who is to blame for this concept that men feel no pain, never worry about health, or must always be the “tough guy.”  Instead, I want to remind folks that there are things in this world that are scary to everybody, and even tough guys need care once in a while.

If you don’t want to grow out a beard (or can’t), there are other ways to participate in this awareness campaign.  You can contribute financially, of course.  Plenty of folks ate trying to raise money.  I am trying to collect donations of a dollar for every day in November I do not shave, to be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  My friend Matt Vanderlist is collecting donations through November 23 at his website,, with proceeds going to the Movember Foundation.  Woodworkers fighting Cancer is an annual charity build, with corporate sponsors donating for each participant.  This drive goes on in October, and while this year was not for Prostate Cancer, it is for cancer research in general.

Still growing support for NoShaveNovember
Still growing support for NoShaveNovember

There are also other things you can do.  Build a mustache on a stuck to show support.  (Woodworking For Mere Mortals host Steve Ramsey has a quick demonstration of how at his YouTube channel and website.  If you are a theatre type, make fake beards and wear them (or share/sell them).  Bake cookies in the shape of wrenches, cars, trucker girls, mustaches, or whatever strikes your fancy.  Participate in hot pepper eating contests (responsibly, please). Whatever.

Just, please participate.  Even if it’s hoisting a beverage to those who fight, those who fought, and those who have yet to fear.

With your help, we can nip this in the butt. (Sorry, I had to.)


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