waiting for ideas?

So I’m standing in line at the grocery store right now, and I’m struck with inspiration.  Not unusual, as yesterday at work I had another idea.


It’s not all big projects, either.  Little things, like fold down stools on shopping carts.  The hard part is keeping track of all these ideas.  The pocket notepad works only as long as you return to it.  And don’t crush the notebook.

Putting stuff into the phone works, but sometimes you want a photo and the phone is in the pocket.  Not a problem normally, but not advisable when driving.  So the best solution has been (for me) to take  couple of minutes periodically to sketch and write these ideas down into that pad of paper.  I keep a notebook in the car for car records, and have added a second one for random ideas.

Try it and see of you get more done.  You just might find that it makes your day


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