Working hard or hardly working

We often hear the phrase “work smarter, not harder.”  It’s as though people don’t want us to work hard.  Truth is, there’s a good value in hard work.

I’m not referring to breaking rocks all day, although that certainly is hard work.  No, I’m thinking that anything you devote a large portion of productive time to qualifies as hard work.  Thinking counts, too.  Not because we don’t think enough, but because reasoning requires concentration and planning.

You may find yourself devoting several hours to a project, be it wood, metal, words, or whatever.  You may feel wrung out afterwards, and are filled with trepidation over this project.  Will it be received well?  Will it sell? Is it what the client wanted?

Truth is, we often feel more stress when the project is being reviewed than when we are in the midst of deadlines.  So it doesn’t really matter how hard you work.

What matters is that you are working on it.  Of course, if your job or career or lifestyle requires it, you kinda hafta work quickly.  


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