Winding down and wound up

So, it’s been a while.

Every now and then, you get struck by inspiration.


Sure, I could look at the site and give you specifics, but let’s just leave it at “a while.”  I do have my reasons… namely, I’m trying to pass my classes.  This is finals week, and so it’s wrapping up, but I still have stress issues.


That’s not to excuse anything.  I’m just explaining why I’ve been quiet.  I have a couple of projects coming up, thanks to a semester (summer) off and a family of racoons that invaded and messed up my shop.  So, I have some shop cleaning to do, some cleaning to do in my shop (not the same), and I have some shop furniture to replace.   I have some thank you gifts to make in the next couple of days.  And I have some home furniture to build.  I’ll post some photos and tips along the way, some fun (and less than fun) moments of the experience, and even write about some of these things.

In the meantime, though, feel free to check out some of the non-shop work I’ve been doing this past semester at my YouTube channel (conveniently enough found at under Five Minute Wood Worker).  Sure, it’s not wood working, but I’ve been attempting to expand my horizons.


(And pass my classes.  See you guys after the next two finals!)


Share your tips or thought, or both:

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