Hooray! I’m sick!

I know, wierd.

But I’m really happy.  That’s because I know that, even though I’m suffering my annual sinus drain, spring and shop time are just around the corner.


This is usually the time that I lay in bed, suffering miserably, hoping that something will come along and relieve me of my boredom.  This year, though, I’m excited.  I have several plans in the works, and somehow I’ll get to most of them.  Part of it is the promise of spring, buried in the vortex of snow and slush.  Part of it is my school schedule: for the first semester in a long time, I won’t be taking classes in May.  (not to go into depth, but I need the summer break, and hopefully I’ll crank out a project or seven for you to gawk at.  Or laugh at.  Haven’t decided yet.)


But now, with the sinus pressure sliding all around, the medication getting stuck in my throat, the constant nasal drip interfering with my choice of hot tea, and the snow chasing the sun around the yard… I’m filled with abounding hope and a desire to be out there doing something RIGHT NOW!  If I was any form of animal, I’d be a rabbit, chasing the dew through the morning fog, just because I could.


The woodchuck might have said snow will be around, but I can feel the spring coming.  The sap is starting to move in the trees, and as it returns life to the world, it returns a vigor and excitement to me.  If you are anything like me, you’ve already started to feel the itch to do something.  So, rather than just pick up a hammer and table saw (please don’t try the latter… I don’t recommend it), start planning what it is you want to do.  Do you need a picnic bench?  (Need, not want.)  Do you need seating?  What about a place to store your snow shovel?  Do you have new clothing to store?  Want to see how good you look in that new swimsuit?  (Want to track your progress fitting into that new swimsuit?)  Set about a list of things you want.  These can help raise your excitement, too.  And they give you a checklist to work from, so that you can get started.  Once the snow clears, the sawdust can fly.  (Unless you have an indoor shop.  What’s your excuse then?)



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