play with your food

breakfast on the go
Pacjack, or Flapman? You decide. (Just remember to have fun!)

Ok.  Maybe I’m showing my age here.  But sometimes, you just need to have a good time.  And maybe this can be proof you are never too old to eat those power pellets.

Besides, a good breakfast can charge you up so you can face all those ghosts in your life… like homework.

I didn’t intend to see this breakfast as some character-laden presentation, or some ‘shroom induced madness to save some royal descendant stuck in a tower, or dodge flaming barrels (it *is* cold out) or face giant monkeys.  I didn’t intend to trip down amnesia lane (bonus points if you get the reference) to rediscover with nostalgia all that I pixellated in the past… or watched.  I didn’t intend to make others feel old.

Nor should you feel old.

This is about having fun.  Good, old-fashioned, find it where you can fun.  Because if you can’t smile about something, then you need some help.  You cannot remain serious and stern all the time.  Nor should you be expected to.  This breakfast I captured only took a moment to get to that bite… and it brightened my entire day.  Not just because I had breakfast, but because it made me smile.

To blatantly steal a line from Robert Frost: “That has made all the difference.”


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