running the wheel

IMG_20140202_073753There are days when I feel stuck, just like everybody else.  This past Sunday, in celebration on “National Rodent Appreciation Day” (Groundhog Day), we watched a great exhibition game by Seattle.  Unfortunately, it looks like most of the Denver team forgot to show up.  That’s the past.  But I can’t seem to get it out of my head, out of the plan.  I keep coming back to it, over and over.  (And over.)

This time of year, I start getting stir crazy.  I’m looking for almost anything to distract me, as I can’t get to the shop.  With the winter storms having left several inches of presents that inhibit opening the door, I burrow in and start consuming mass quantities of inspiration.

Take a look around you in your day, and see what it is you need.  Then, spend some time figuring out how to make it.  (I spend some extra time trying ti figurw out how to afford it.  This is not a complaint; I recommend every body figure their budgets for projects.)  This is when I start making those lists of all I want to do in the year.

And boy, do I have some stuff on the list.  For starters, I still need to show that piggy bank.  I also have a gadget/ phone charging station for the nightstand.  Therw’s a portable-ish hammock stand in the near future.  Not to mention chairs, tables, desks, lap top desks, and more.  You will start seeing plans and concept photos shortly.  (Right after I finish my homework.)

The wheel is not just my past... it's in my future as well.
The wheel is not just my past… it’s in my future as well.

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