on my mind

It’s late. I’ve got laundry going, my first day of a neww semester is tomorrow, and I have four legs to cut in half (cutting a dining table into a coffee table). So naturally, I’ve got shop safety on my mind.

I don’t like to preach. Seriously, I don’t. Butthere comes a point when the mind needs to kick in and say “Whoah! Stop!”. Sure, late at night you can find a few minutes here and there to do little things. But the more tired you are, the more likely you are to make a mistake. Even hand tools can bite when you don’t pay attention.

I stumbled upon a video of an example of a split second’s worth of inattention. It was headed “What not to do”, which was the title of an old and vaporized blog I had.


It’s not by me, nor do I know the gentleman who posted the video.  It is not gruesome, but it is pointed.  He may have been doing something that only needed a few minutes to do, but look what happened.  Please, be careful when you use any tool, not just one with a voltage source.


It is with this thought that I haven’t cut new sides for the bank; I don’t have some flat surface right now that is going to give me a safe cut.  After some cleaning in the house, we will have such a place, and the intrepid pig will commence.  I do want to discuss teeth, though that will have to wait for another pst.  For now, stay safe, stay sharp, and stay patient.  We’ve got plenty of time.


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