Enough with the teasing

So, I’ve alluded to it.  I’ve stated it.  You probably are wondering what I’m planning on doing for a piggy bank.  (I know, because I’ve been wondering what I’m going to do.)


I was out with the kids, wandering around and looking at one store that is a favorite to many in the family, and inspiration struck in the form of a small plush animal.  I should preface this by stating that I’ve never been aware of this item, or the popularity of it, until I spotted it as a stuffed animal.  But now that I have seen it, it cannot be unseen.


For the next project, which I’ve made no secret is a piggy bank, it should resemble a pig.  But any old pig just won’t do.  So, like I said, inspiration struck.  Since this is a blocky project, made from square materials, why not go square?  As in, Minecraft square.  The project will be a piggy bank inspired by a Minecraft pig.


Now, I’m not really much of a gamer.  I’ve heard of Minecrack (as the joke goes), and I’ve wanted to play, but I’ve been focusing on a lot of other things lately.  (Namely finals for the semester just passed.)  Now that I have a spare five minutes or two, I’ll get started on this project right away.  I should have some form of prototype to work from by the end of the week, and have something posted up for you by Friday, instead of my planned Wednesdays.  With just a little luck, and some help from some friends, this might just be completed in time for Christmas for your gamer friends.  (Or you, if that gamer happens to be you.)


So sit tight, hang loose, and wait patiently.  I’ll be back soon with whatever I can give you, including finish options (looking like pink paint, just so you know), as well as materials and tools.  (And I’m probably sure there will be wood putty involved… something I’ve not had a lot of success with.  But we’ll experiment together.)



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