Product Placement not deliberate, prepping to end NoShave November 2013. Photo by Jeremy Hopkins
Product Placement not deliberate, prepping to end NoShave November 2013.
Photo by Jeremy Hopkins

OK, so maybe not quite that soon.  But I did trim up.  I do take NoShave November seriously, as the end photo should show you.  But during the past month, I’ve gotten quite a few compliments, as well as the usual “you growing that out” comments.  And while I will do this for the month, I don’t do this for the rest of the year.


In a way, it’s like pulling out the good silver for Thanksgiving.  Sure, you can eat with it year round.  But it loses it’s charm, it’s special qualities, when you dine on “the good stuff” year round.  “Oh, look!  Hot dogs on the good china!”  “How about some more sloppy joes with the fine silver server?”  “Can I get some more Kool-Aid ™ in the china tea cup?”


Please.  You know you’d get tired of the special care needed, the regimen needed to clean, and pulling the stuff out of the wrappers every time you washed it.  That’s one reason why we use the paper plates: disposable is easy.  And another is those hot dogs… I can’t imagine china making them look any more attractive, but a paper plate doesn’t make them seem so bad.  (Especially when covered in mustard and ketchup…)


But I digress.  The count this year was 30 days.  So, if you are sending the funds, send $30 ($1 for every day I didn’t shave) to PCF.org – or to me (contact me for the PayPal address, so I can tally the whole up) for this year’s challenge.  And the last few days were a challenge, believe me.  So, while prostate cancer continues, the beard will not… sort of.  I always keep some goatee, and sometimes I’ve got the mustache.  True, it’s never as cool as Tom Selleck‘s, but it has it’s good days.


So, without further ado, here’s what I usually go with.  (I know, not quite the same…)100_1878


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