Ok, I confess…. I cheated…

Every year, we have a tradition in the house.  Right after Halloween, everybody starts pushing towards the next holiday.  And only in America do we have the holiday called Thanksgiving.  Americans around the world start celebrating all that they are thankful for, in honor of the first recognized meal to do just that.

Now, we have all heard the controversy about Christmas holiday sales before Halloween, as retailers struggle to make money.  (I’m not sold it’s a struggle; most people I know want to spend money.  It’s a matter of where that’s in contention… but I digress.)  So while you might have been shopping for your Halloween costume or candy, you might have picked up your tree and wreath.

But only in America do we add another holiday between Halloween and Christmas.  The rest of the world has no problem with this concept of selling and getting ready to celebrate Christmas the day after Halloween.

In our house, we (ok, I) have a rule that there’s no celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving.  None.  Nary a peep, not a twinkle, no scents, zip on the decorations, nada for the food.  Christmas cannot happen until Santa goes by on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  (Coincidentally happening as I write this.)  Then, the tradition continues with a viewing of the original “Miracle on 34th Street.”  (Complete in black and white, I must add.  ‘Cause I’m a purist.)


Yet two nights ago, I cheated.  I was really in the mood for a movie.  A “train” movie.  Yup, I watched “Polar Express.”  I’m sorry.


(The good news is the family forgave me.  They didn’t watch the whole movie with me, but they let me off with a warning.)


Still, Happy Thanksgiving!  And may your family be as forgiving as mine, something I’m very thankful for.


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