upcoming projects

So, it won’t be right away, as I have final exams and end of term papers to write, but I do have a project in mind for the next FiveMinute Project.  This will not be furniture, but it will be posted in time to make as a gift.  I haven’t tried to make it myself yet, so no guarantees right now.

But the next project will be a piggy bank, something with uncommonly good cents, er, sense right around this time of year.  Simple construction, mixed materials, and a painted project, so you don’t have to use the “pretty” woods.  If you don’t have scraps lying around, you can use quarter or eight sheets of plywood already at the home centers.  (Although it will already be cut into 2 x 2, 2 x 4, or 4 x 4 sheets, it is not always economical to buy them in this form.  But if you don’t have any suitable plywood already on hand, and you don’t see ap project coming up where you will need almost a full sheet of plywood, getting just a small corner of the sheet makes sense.  Plus it can be carried on the bus, stuffed into the back seat, or strapped down if needed.)

I am also working up the project afterwards, but am limited by time and space.  My personal shop is an outdoor shop, so winter is not always a good time to hold power tools.  But this will be (mostly) something you can make in a small space.  I will get a tools list together shortly, and start the teaser plans and photos probably the first week of December.

Stay tuned!  (And if there will be any video, I’ll post it to the brand-new YouTube channel for the FiveMinuteWoodWorker.  I’ll post that link tomorrow afternoon.)


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