In which I think of a title



That ever-present quagmire of products and trials, pitfalls and rewards.  That mustard of seasoning, the mayo of experiences, the horseradish of plans, the relish of existence.  (Can you tell I’m hungry?)


Yup.  Life goes on.  And if it wasn’t supposed to be easy, it would be something everybody excels at.  But that makes me wonder how you fail at living?


For starters, and especially noticeable now, is the presence of family in your life.  But don’t think that because you don’t have one (a family), you aren’t a success.  Plenty of people haven’t met the right family.  (Mine is available for rent, two week notice recommended, parties a specialty, 40 percent deposit down to hold the reservation.  Group rates extra.)  Yes, with the Fowl Feast around the corner, people start getting maudlin and sappy about their mashed potatoes, their turkey, and their family.  (Possibly even in that order…)


Don’t forget those family members who aren’t flesh and blood, though.  I’m not referring to your pets; I’m referring to your friends.  Some of them are closer to you than your family might be.  Not that this is a bad thing, mind.  It’s just a thing.


We all have experiences we want to cherish.  We all have things in our past we want to forget.  That’s what adds to the spice of life.  (That, and little mishaps that happen to others… like this one.  Sorry to hear about this… and now everybody knows what goes through my mind when I get to carve the turkey.)  But we get on, get past, leave it behind.


So this holiday, while everybody is gathering around wherever they choose to gather, eating what they chose to eat, I want you to look around at your family.  And be glad you have them.


Thank you.  (We now return you to your regularly scheduled internet search.)


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