Growing in Good company

Fuzzy as a... photo by Jeremy Hopkins
Fuzzy as a…
photo by Jeremy Hopkins

Well, it’s still November.  I’m still growing the beard.  And I’ve got some good company this month.  (Although he’s certainly more stylish than I.)  So don’t give up hope on your own cause.  I mean, we can’t all be good looking, charming, fuzzy, lovable, furry, and pink, can we?


(By the way, which one do you think will look forward to the colder weather more?)


I have to admit, now that it’s getting colder, I’m appreciating the beard less.  For some reason, that whole cold breeze thing just goes right to my toes.  Maybe it’s time to put away the sandals and break out the socks and shoes…  Maybe I’ll wait until December.


Keep the faith, fur brothers and sisters!  (And if you still want to donate, check out the page at, and see if you can get your donations doubled, too!  Or drop me a line, and I’ll add your donations in to what I raise this year.  Day 22, and still growing strong!)


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