Think like a pirate!

Yes, I’m serious.

I’m not saying you should wander around saying “Arr, matey!” to random strangers.  Nor should you wear beads, tassles, or danglies in you hair.  Nor should you place burning tapers or candles in you beard.  (Although it is a decent way to draw attention to the beard you are growing for NoShaveNovember… so you can think like a pirate for that, too.)

No, what I’m referring to is more insidious than fashion.  Pirates are heavily romanticized people.  While the pirates today are known for their high-speed boats and ruthless capture of people and cargo, back in the early days of the Carribean they were just the same.  Yet now, most people view the Carribean pirate as a dashing scaliwag, while the modern pirate is a frightening monster.  I’m suggesting we think like both.

The pirate, as lore tells it, is an individual who finds other like-minded individuals who share the same feelings and frustrations.  If they happen to rebel against the percieved authority figure or regime, there is more satisfaction because there is just that: a cause.  A pirate is breaking the laws of the normal, of the status quo, to make a change.  Maybe for themselves, maybe for a select small circle, or maybe for a large group they watch out for.

Most people assume that one man leads the pirate ship, charging into the fray or leading his men dashingly into sun-filled cruises towards adventure.  Reality is that the pirate crews had many captains.  During combat, one person was elected to lead them, so there was only one set of orders being shouted on deck during the confusion.  Outside of bullets and blood times, though,it was a very democratic process that everyone got their say about the next port of call.  Every member of the crew, and their companions, were wanted individuals, so literally their lives were on the line, too.

So when I say “think like a pirate,” I’m asking you to be considerate of your fellows on this vessel of earth.  I’m saying that when you see something that isn’t socially right, you have the power and the responsibility to step forward and say or do something about it.  I’m saying you have the right to lead just as much as the next individual, be they man, woman, dog, straight, gay, bipolar, shy, Millenial, outgoing, or Boomer.  I’m saying you can chart your own course, bacause you have that kind of power.

And if that isn’t enough to get your blood pumping, you get to pick your own soundtrack.  It’s your adventure: choose wisely, and live it!


(If you want some pirate movies, here’s my suggestions:



Pirates of Penzance

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

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