Short and Sweet

Just a quick update for you: it’s day 15, half-way through NoShave November, and I’m still growing it out.  I’ll have the photos for you later today, when I get back to someplace that has an SD card slot.

I’m still looking for donations towards the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  Remember, I’m just asking for $1 per day I do not shave.  If you have been keeping track, we’re up to $15 now.  You can send an email to me so I can coordinate donations via PayPal (I’ll do one lump donation on December 15) or you can donate directly at  For more details, contact me.

Also, next week I will be publishing the first of the Five Minute Projects: the College Table.  I’ve got most of the photos, I’m trying to recreate the measurements, and I’m working up the text of how to do this.  If you’ve never picked up a tool in your life, you will be able to do this project.  (Trust me, it’s really that easy.)  If you have more experience with tools, well, feel free to comment and suggest better methods! 

Beyond that, well, it’s the same-old, same-old.  Just with more leaves.

Leaves on the trail Photo by Jeremy Hopkins
Leaves on the trail
Photo by Jeremy Hopkins


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