A long (tailed) week

Yeah, it's been a tough week.
Yeah, it’s been a tough week.

How can I tell?  Well, the homework is not done, the leaves are falling, and the sleep is not happening.  (See item the first for an explanation.)  Yeah, I know, there are others who have it worse.  And they do, really.  I’ve watched a couple of the “Dirty Jobs,” and thought Mike Rowe is a brave man for doing half of those things.  (Like cleaning out the mothballed ships in the Navy.  Probably won’t find me trying to squeeze into a small hatch between decks – literally – any time soon.)  These are jobs people do daily.  Compared to them, my jobs and my life really isn’t so bad. It’s just a little rough patch right now.  (And fifteen days without shaving: not a big help but I’m still going.)

But we all get them.  Every now and then, it’s ok to feel a little down, a little blue, a little stressed, a little worried, a little less-than-100-percent.

OK.  Time’s up.  Back to work.

Reality might bite, things might be tough, we might be down by 87 points with 2:12 in the fifth quarter, but that doesn’t mean we give up.  There’s a reason that railroads set their tracks on ground that they tried to level out first.  Those curves have regulated degrees, set angles, and maximum speeds and radii for a reason.  If you felt every bump in the road, everything would derail you.  But if you smooth out the process, you can get up to speed and maintain it.  Breakdowns happen.  Getting back up to speed is not an instantaneous thing.  But it does happen.  So get that caboose out of the shop, and onto the tracks, and work up that full head of steam, right?

Perhaps some musical enlivenment… On long weeks, when I start feeling a little less than full steam, there’s a couple of songs I like to play.  (Music soothing the savage beast and all, or pumping up the blood and driving a rhythm.)  

What, you were expecting this one, perhaps?

If I lightened your mood and made your day, I’m glad.  If not, replay the videos a time or three.  You’ll feel the grin before you see it.


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