Settling in

So it happened, like I thought it would.  That’s right, the shaving has not commenced yet.  And it only took about 10 days before the face got used to the extra layer of fur.  So my scratching like a dog impression will have to be put away again, until next year.

Just in time, too, because the world looks a little different today.  What with the freezing rain and all.  (And it’s not sn…s… can’t say it, it’s a four-letter word.  Because the little pellets of frozen rain coated the ground and froze the door shut this morning.)  So the commute to school this morning was complicated by the extra layer of unwanted on the roads, windows, eyelids, and wipers.

But the extra layer of fur certainly kept the face warm!  (And you thought NoShave was just a protest?)



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