And the hair grows on…

Yes, it’s the end of the first (or is that “fur”st?) full week of NoShave November, and once again, I’m questioning myself for getting started.  Not that it isn’t worth it, but every year I go through a rough ten days or so, as the hair gets to that length that is impossible to ignore but just doesn’t look good.  (I don’t have access to a card reader, so the photos will be loaded by the end of the day today.  I promise.)  So I’m driving myself crazy with the little tingles of itchy all over, which is only creating the need to scratch… which then doesn’t relieve anything, and causes more need to scratch…

Ladies, if you like your man with stubble, tell him.  Maintaining stubble is not easy.  If you like your man with a beard, tell him that, too.  Maintaining a beard is much easier.  If you like your man without facial hair, I can’t help.

I bring this up, because the ‘manly’ art of growing a beard has been maligned lately, likening it to “roughing it,” being lazy, or being anti-social.  What about doing it just because?  What about celebrating all that being masculine allows?  I’m not talking dynamite, or construction, or whistling at random attractive passers-by.  I’m talking about being a role model for others.  For helping out your kids learn how to cross the street.  For totin’ that barge and liftin’ that bale.  For taking that excited little puppy for a ride out to the country, to chase some squirrels.

Being male is much more than having an outey verses an inney, or having to take extra caution when riding bicycles, or replacing the carburator on an early muscle car, or building a treehouse.  It’s being a counterpoint to the rough spots in life.  It’s the comfort that, no matter what Life throws at you, you will find something within to weather the storm.  It’s a motive and powerful force that can be harnessed for a variety of reasons: cleaning up a neighborhood, reclaiming a park, making music, showing you how to build a home, or caring for those who cannot care for themselves.

I don’t know about you, but that’s something that I’d like to preserve.


And, as promised, here are those photos from today.  The first is the one I’d prefer to let out, but the second is actually a decent photo of me.  (I don’t feel I take too many of those.)


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