No Shave November once again

I haven’t said it before, but I do participate in NoShave November. Not because I’m lazy, not because I’m in college, not because it’s the ‘in’ thing to do.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I’m trying to start a charity. The charity I want to kick off is to raise awareness of, funds for research and treatment of, and help those affected with Prostate Cancer. Until that charity gets up and running (and I’m in the midst of a two year plan to do so), any funds I raise goes to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  There is a button on that page to donate directly to them, but I’m asking you to consider sending the funds to me first – not because I’m greedy, but because it is my face.  (I know, that doesn’t sound right.)


Here’s how it works.  For every day I don’t shave, I’m trying to raise a dollar per person who wishes to help.  Potentially, this means a $30 donation.  (This will be my third year doing this, and I’ve only shaved part of the neck once during previous years.)  So, I collect the funds, and then fill out the Matching Gift paperwork from my employer (well, one of them), and send it in to  Just like that, the donation has doubled.

Sure, there’s probably a cap on how much the employer will kick in.  But if I can raise a hypothetical $1000 for PCF, that gets doubled.  If you check out’s website, there is a chance to double the donation there, too.  Which means your $1 per day works out to $4.  Not bad, is it?


I’ll post photos of myself on Fridays, so you can keep me honest about meeting the challenge or not.  Since I hate to have photos of myself taken, and there are practically no images of me out there that I’m aware of, this is kind of a big thing to me.  I value privacy, I respect privacy, I value keeping my face and my brand out of trouble and doing positive things I want to market (rather than be subverted or diverted without my knowledge).  I’m aware I’m a brand image, even if I don’t know what that brand is yet.  (Trust me, there’s not as much ego as it appears in that statement.  We are all brands unto ourselves.  What we align our personal brands with is what we post all over Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and whatever else catches our digital eye.)


I started growing out the hair a little early, but the clock didn’t start until the first of November.  So far, we’re up to three whole days.  (And I’ll post something on the first of December, so you see what I try to look like the rest of the year.)


If you choose to help me out, first off I want to thank you.  Secondly, please get the money to me by the 15th of December, so I can get the paperwork filled out with the final amount no later than the 20th of December.  It would be a nice Christmas present for


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