What will you find?

So, there is a house, not on a hill, and not near the rising sun.  However, I go past this house periodically, and they have had these three carvings in the front yard for a while.  I’ve often meant to capture them on film, because they are that impressive, but only recently have I made the opportunity to stop.  (This is, in part, because I finally started keeping the camera on me on a regular basis.)


I do not have a camera phone, so this is a big deal to me to bring the camera, particularly because uploading the photos requires removing memory cards, getting the computer back, and dealing with adapters.  However, I feel that these carvings are definitely worth it.  These photos do not quite do the real life carvings justice: the bear, for example has got to be over 8 feet tall.


So, I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to comment or share more interesting and amazing things you might find out there, in the wild.Disguises

Proud Bear
Proud Bear
Patience is a Vulture... er.... Virtue
Patience is a Vulture… er…. Virtue

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