Welcome to the Web!

It’s not hard to start a new project.  In fact, most of us start new projects several times a day, whether we realize it or not.  The hardest part is finishing this project, once we’ve started.

Like many of you, I have many things going at the same time.  From homework, to wood work, to home improvements, to family life, and more, I’ve got several irons in the fire (literally and figuratively) at any given point in time.  This isn’t what distinguishes us from each other, nor is the type of the project what distinguishes us.  What sets us apart is the number of projects we finish.  (Among other things, too.)


While I could continue to wax philosophical about projects and being human, I do need to do a little introduction of what you might find here at any given point in time.  


As the title suggests, I’m a bit of a wood worker.  While I’d love to see that one day, I’m a household name, that my products are everywhere, and that I’m an essential name in the annals of American lore, I need to be a realist for a few minutes.  I’m like most people – at the beginning of a path of exploration.  True, some of my skills are further down the road than others.  But not all of them.  I can name any hundred people who are further along in areas I want to be successful, such as business, blacksmithing, carpentry, calculus, designing, electronic media, fun, helping, jokes, wood working, writing, and more.

So I’m doing some of the wood working as I can, because I’m also a full time college student, one of the Editors for the school Newspaper (will plug it here: cccvoice.com – I’m the editor for the West campus), a step-father, a freelance journalist, a beginning photographer, a hobbiest blacksmith, a beginner at leather, trying to start a company or two, and trying to get charitable organizations going.


You can see I’ve got a lot going on.  All this doesn’t leave a lot of free time.  Which brings me to my point about the Five Minute Wood Worker.  This site will not just be wood working tips for those with just a few minutes, but that will be the main focus of the site.  I’ll also throw in a few tips as I find them on other various topics such as laundry, time management, art, car repairs, leaving car repairs to the experts, and more.  (You might even find a joke or two posted.)


Well, I’ve taken up most of my free time this hour… Time to get back to editing, reading, writing, and life.  If you don’t see me here, look me up at the various cyber haunts I have, such as the forum at WoodTalkOnline, my CafePress storefront, or on campus.  See you soon!


Share your tips or thought, or both:

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